What services do Lyonsmens provide?

Lyonsmens is an online men’s health haven that helps in the diagnosis and treatment of sensitive medical conditions such erectile dysfunction, hair loss, premature ejaculation, cold sores, or genital herpes from the comfort of their home.

Where is Lyonsmens available?

Lyonsmens delivers high quality digital healthcare all across the United States.

Are diagnosis made by robots?

No. Diagnosis are made by our in-house US licensed physicians with years of expertise in the field of medicine. The experience is the same as going to a hospital but without actually stepping out of your home.

Is my information safe?

Yes. We take your privacy with utmost discretion and the security of your information very seriously. Please read our Privacy Policy for more details.

Is it legal to get my meds prescribed online?

Yes, it is completely legal. Our doctors are legally certified to conduct online diagnosis, provided your medical information is given accurately, and prescribe meds for treatment.

How long will the whole consultation process take?

24 hours. Create your medical profile with us and wait for a physician to reach out to you.

Can I contact a physician using different means asides chating?

Yes. You have the option to call or video chat, depending on your location and preference.

Can I contact Lyonsmens if it is an emergency?

No. Call 911 instead.

Will I always be qualified for Lyonsmens services?

No, not everyone is qualified. If you meet the criteria for treatment, you will be attended to. If your application is not approved for treatment, your consultation fee with refunded.

Do I have an option to personalize my delivery?

Yes. Lyonsmens will create a dedicated delivery plan to sync perfectly with your needs and treatment plan. You have options to cancel orders, delay orders, program receiving periods and much more.

Can I return delivered products?

No. Products that have been confirmed ‘delivered’ cannot be returned. Checkout our terms and conditions.

When do I get charged for medication?

You get charged after successful diagnosis and prescription by our in-house physician.